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Feeling This - Unreleased version

Apparently, this was the first version of “Feeling This” that was recorded, before the now, very popular version was released.

So there’s a bit of a backstory with this and if you’re wondering where I got this song from, it’l all be explained here. I went down to my city today, and I was searching for some band t-shirts. I heard the song playing over the stereo and I realized it was Feeling This, but it sounded way different. I asked the dude where he got the song from, and he said that it’s a Japanese version of the blink-182 song “Feeling This”. I asked him if I could borrow the CD, so I did, to rip the song, and I returned it to him as soon as I got it on my computer.

I wanted to put it out here so I could get another opinion on whether or not it sounds fan made or actually legit.

I have no idea if the dude was telling the truth, or if this is just a fan-made remix, but judging by the instrumental and clear vocals, it could be true. Can anyone confirm this? Either way, it sounds amazing. Credit to whoever made it, if it is fan made.

Feel free to message me about this, and if you own the song, don’t hesitate to tell me to take it down.


Snaproll Sessions [008.2]
The Ataris - San Dimas High School Football Rules [Live - Acoustic]
Directed by Bryan Buchelt [ - @SnaprollStudios]

“Snaproll Sessions began as a way to capture and share intimate acoustic performances. As I’ve worked and spent time with bands, music is always being played, even when the cameras stop rolling. I wanted to strip away all the production and film these musicians playing their songs the way they originally wrote them. Snaproll Sessions are my way to honor the artists and friends that inspire me.”

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